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Bristol Financial Services


Bristol Financial Services offers financial services for individuals and businesses. Our foremost commitment is to our clients. The most important part of our job is to help people reach their financial objectives and help business owners with their financial strategies and benefits packages.

Fred Baser has been working in the financial services industry since 1987. Fred and his wife, Marian, founded Bristol Financial Services in 1990. Shawn Oxford joined our firm in April, 2006, Jen Oxford in October, 2010, and Kris Pearsall in July, 2013.

Fred, Shawn, Jen, and Kris conduct business with high ethical expectations and standards, a promise of confidentiality, prompt service and good, old-fashioned common sense. Many of our clients comment that we are good communicators and that we listen, understand and treat them fairly.

A sound financial strategy can involve other professionals as well, and over the years, we have forged good relationships with local CPAs and attorneys. With the appropriate professionals by your side, we can help you create a sound financial strategy.

Fred Baser, Shawn Oxford and Kris Pearsall are Registered Representatives of Cetera Advisor Networks LLC.