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Advisory Accounts

For those that are more comfortable with an ongoing advisory fee and the flexibility of working with multiple investment options, this may be the right approach for you.

Some people require an investment strategy that is more specialized than the traditional approaches, i.e. mutual funds, annuities or brokerage accounts. For some folks, social screening is an important concept in their investment approach. Or some may inherit or have individual stock portfolios that they would like to have professionally managed. Some tax situations require greater tax sensitivity and as a result, an Advisory account may serve them better.

Advisory accounts offer ongoing screening and management of assets to assure the investor that their investment criteria are always being met. They allow us to work with you and your investments in a very focused way. Through our broker/dealer, Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, we have access to many management firms including Assetmark, Brinker, Lockwood and SEI. Each money management firms brings a focus or area of knowledge to the table. The Wealth Management Services program allows us to customize an investment program to help meet your needs.